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You should have Work Life Balance AND Performance. When you track your goals, create new habits, you set up your day to be more effective.

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The truth is, you will still find it hard to stay on track and still feel like you haven't got time to devote to the things that matter, unless you have a means to change the way you think and the way you work. The Focus Planner is a new type of journal and a simple tool to help you make that change.

Your Work Life Balance will skyrocket and you'll spend more time on what's important instead of just spinning your wheels.


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Your Focus Planner will be your secret weapon for staying focussed, being productive and creating work life balance. It was created by Performance Coaches to help you show up every day with intention and be your best day-in, day-out without burning out. 


Key Features:

  • Monthly Plan with goals and project timelines
  • Weekly Plans to set your habits and keep building them
  • Daily Plans to keep you focussed and remind you of what's important
  • Work-Life Balance is taken care of with a focus on the Critical Areas of Work, Home & Relationships and Self
  • 80 Blank pages for meeting notes and brain storming
  • Each Focus Planner lasts three months
  • Minimal layout with more space for notes
  • Greater flexibility in using it how you want
  • Two bookmarking ribbons to keep track of your pages
  • Weekend spreads to help you stay on track all week and build your Planner habit
  • Better instruction pages


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  • 5
    Love my Focus Planner!

    Posted by Simon on 27th Apr 2021

    I was using a gratitude journal to reframe my mindset, and think more positively about my daily grind. This was good initially, but I felt like it was repetitive and didn't give me enough focus for the week (particularly at work).

    I've recently moved to the Focus Planner and I love it! Not only does it enable me to think about my daily gratitudes, but it also enables me to focus energy across my work days and week, and track progress on work tasks. I also love how it has space for me to think about my self-care and relationships, helping me to switch from work to home life when I walk in the door.

    10 stars!

  • 5
    Focus Planner Journal

    Posted by Shaun on 7th Jan 2021

    It's been a while since I have used a planner and it felt a little clunky the first few days but now I am enjoying seeing the progress I make each day. The gratitude and reflections is a nice opportunity to breathe each morning and get your mindset right as well.

  • 5
    Focus planner

    Posted by Samantha Allender on 26th Aug 2020

    A pathological maker of lists my focus planner is helping to make the overwhelming doable. Moving from the white noise of busy to the clarity of focussed has eliminated fretting about what remains undone. Feeling clear and deliberate about my choices has given me the freedom and space to not only achieve realistic goals but to allow myself balance. There's room for me in my life!

  • 5
    Great planner with excellent after sales support

    Posted by Pamela Gonzalez on 24th Aug 2020

    This is a great planner that I highly recommend for beginners or people wishing to try a new style of planner. However the after sales support, tips and motivation from the company make it so easy to stay on track.

  • 5
    Life changing resource

    Posted by Ben on 24th Aug 2020

    It’s a big call to refer to something as life changing. No matter what you are trying to achieve I am 100% confident this system helps get you there. Critically it keeps the focus on the most important things and that is always a good practice. Thank you Performance Lab.

  • 5
    Best planner i have used

    Posted by Paul on 18th Jun 2020

    I have tried a few different planners and found this one to be a great balance of structure and personalisation. There are great prompts to focus on things like work life balance, but enough room (and blank pages) to make it your own.

  • 5
    Enormous help

    Posted by Ryan on 8th Nov 2018

    This simple daily ritual has helped me get more done in less time, and focus on my life outside of work as well.