High Performance Program: 10 Module Performance and Productivity

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You, at your best. Everyday.

* this program also comes in a 5-Module option... Click here to see the product

For people who really want to thrive. This is our most comprehensive program. With state of the art video production, world-class e-learning capability and flexible options. There's no longer any reason why you can't perform at your best every single day.

High Performance. Everyday. Online

For the past twenty years, we’ve worked with elite athletes and executives all around the world to help people build high performance skills. And now we’ve brought those same tools and programs online, so that everyone can access some world-class techniques for boosting performance.

The 21st century has brought some new challenges to work and work-life balance for anyone trying to survive in today’s workplace. But we don’t want people to just survive; we want them to thrive, in all areas of work and life. 

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What you’ll learn

Over 10 Sessions, here are just some of the things you’ll get from this program:

  • You’ll be more efficient by focussing on the things that are most important
  • You’ll get more time, by developing routines that make you more effective on a daily basis
  • Learn about the science of high performance and what it means for how we manage ourselves
  • Stop the cycle of stress so that you can get on with your work and your life
  • And by developing routines to recover and recharge you’ll stop getting burnt out, so you can put more energy into the things that really matter

Why it Works:

No Fluff
We don’t like fluffy, motivational programs. Like all of our work, we show the hard science behind these soft skills
Built for Learning
You’ll find practical exercises, and you’ll leave with homework to complete. All the resources you need are right there. Download a workbook
State of the Art Platform
Our learning platform is second to none. Track your progress, access your resources and even integrate online coaching. Watch the platform in action
World Class Video Production
Short, sharp video lessons that grab your attention and make the best use of your time. We mix audio with visual cues to suit different learning styles
Anytime, Anywhere
You don’t need to be at your desk to access the sessions. Watch them on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are
Real World Tools
We give you strategies you can use right away to boost your performance and productivity. They are simple and effective.


Here are the 10 Modules you'll get:
1) The Science of High Performance, 2) Building MIT's, 3) Tactical Eating, 4) Taming Emotion, 5) Rest and Recovery, 6) Understanding Behaviour, 7) Performance Mindset, 8) Exercise to Energise, 9) Beating Stress, 10) Sleep to recharge
Watch the product video below for a better insight.

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