T's and C's

Terms and Conditions – Online Purchases

By purchasing any of Teamcorp’s products online, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Online Coaching:

Subscription charges - The price shown is the price per month for the coaching program purchased. After the initial purchase, this amount will be charged to your nominated credit card on the monthly anniversary of your subscription

Cancellation – the subscription can be cancelled at any time, through written email request to  Upon receiving this request, we will continue to provide the service until the completion of the current monthly cycle and then cease to charge for the service any longer. If you are subscribed to our Premium Coaching Groups, your access to these groups will be suspended


Online Programs:

By purchasing the online High Performance Programs, you are willing to receive the fortnightly video lessons and emails that pertain to these lessons.

Cancellation of the program is not permitted. Once you have purchased the program you will be sent the entire series that you ordered.

No Guarantee – the online programs are highly dependent on the participant’s implementation of the practices, and Teamcorp cannot legally guarantee that you will experience the increases in productivity and performance that you hope to get. However, if you adhere to the course and the exercises, your chances will greatly improve.


Teamcorp Performance Community

By signing up to the online community, you agree to abide by the rules and conduct or the community.